DHAHRAN — After years of hard work and dedication to the sport, Ahlam Al-Zaid, business systems analyst, snatched the gold medal at the first Saudi women cycling championship in the Kingdom on Aug 24, 2020.

Soaring past her competition, she completed the 13-km race in 22:18 and made history. Ahlam competed alongside nine other cyclists who qualified for the world-class tournament. The race was organized by the Saudi Cycling Federation and held in breezy Abha, in the Asir Region.

Ahlam soars past competition on a Boardman TTE 9.4 in the “race of truth” in Abha.

Changing Gears

It all started in the summer of 2018, when Ahlam bought her first road bike. She had been feeling…

Timo Kuilder | https://timokuilder.com

You’re standing in front of a vertical screen that reflects an image of you. Your brain treats it in the same way it treats a mirror, so you make a silly face. But there’s something odd about your reflection. It’s scattered, showing bits and pieces that compel you to put them in order. You move and position the pieces on the touch screen but the shapes never come together in the way you imagine. When you’re done, you are met with an abstract portrait of yourself.

This is a creative project by NYU student Ellen Nickles, who’s enrolled in the…

Two brothers, a bodega, and their father’s legacy

Delivery orders at Alsaedi brothers’ deli. Morningside Heights, NY. (Photo by Rawan Nasser.)

On a cold, rainy Tuesday morning in late March, the delicious smell of hot sandwiches filled Deli 360, the convenience store on 360 West 110th Street. It’s the deli nearest to my apartment building and the one I frequent most often. On that morning, Don McClean’s “American Pie” blared from a hidden speaker as I shook the rain from my wet umbrella and greeted Omar Alsaedi, one of the two Yemeni-American brothers, who run the store. “Salam,” I said. Omar responded with a nod and a smile as he continued to help the customers in line.

After spending a few…

French Art Collective Sold AI-Generated Portrait for $432K, Raising Questions from Creative Coding Community

Portrait of Edmond Belamy | Obvious website

On Oct. 25, 2018, Cristie’s New York auction house sold what was promoted as the first piece of fine art to be created by artificial intelligence (AI).

Art critics estimated that the grainy portrait of a fictitious 18th century character donning a white blouse and black robes would sell for $10,000 at most for its novelty. What no one foresaw is that the “Edmond de Belamy” print would sell for $432,000, raising questions from the AI community, who identified the algorithm used to generate this painting as that belonging to a West Virginia teen called Robbie Barrat.

The 70x70 cm…

Rawan Nasser

Columbia Journalism School ‘19

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